Tuesday, February 18

celebrate - the band

C's only request throughout the planning process was to hire a good band. his first choice was the confidentials [they're kind of legendary around these parts.]. i called them in june and quickly realized they were way out of our budget. bummer. we listened to about ten more area bands. we got quotes from said bands. none of them seemed adequate for the money. 
enter divine intervention number seven. we were literally one day from placing a deposit on another band when stan randomly called me. he asked if we had booked anyone [four months later!] and that they would like us to reconsider hiring them. they brought their price down significantly and the confidentials were suddenly in our budget. where do we sign, stan?!
these men rocked it. we got so many compliments and questions about the confidentials throughout the night. worth every penny.
the dance floor was full all night which made our hearts so happy.
stan! we love you, man!
these two pretty much killed it all night.
she didn't leave the dance floor! 
we were stunned [and so happy!] that all of the kids made it until midnight. 

we hope everyone had fun! thank you, stan and the confidentials, for spending your new year's eve with us. you guys were the star of the show.

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