Monday, February 17

hbd sister

this chick turns twenty-four today. and i just need to take a minute to sing her praises. she's one of the coolest girls i know. she is fearless. and kind. and perfectly naive. she cares about people. she wants the best for the world and is going to do her damnedest to make it a better place to live. she is strong willed and firm in her convictions. she is the best kind of hippie.
she spent a year in florida and now lives in vermont. she has traveled to south africa, the east coast, the west coast and everywhere in between. she's spending her birthday weekend in canada. she wants to go to costa rica this summer. she does what she wants and is so happy doing it. i envy her in so many ways. i am proud of her in all of the ways. i am glad my children will have their cool auntie T to look up to. to learn about the world. about injustice and peace. to have no fear. 
happy birthday sister. may you have many joyful returns of the day. you are pretty rad.

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