Wednesday, February 5

wedding - the church

when we decided we wanted to get away, we were really torn by the thought of not having a catholic wedding. at first we tried to find a priest that would do it on the beach [don't try. it's not possible.]. then we gave up on the whole destination idea. then we googled. enter divine intervention number two.
we found a little church in playa del carmen [iglesia del carmen] that was on the beach, small, beautiful, and performed catholic, english weddings! the road was long getting there, but it turned into the most perfect alignment of frustrations and fate.
we got the glorious surroundings, intimate guest list, and salty ocean air we wanted. all while having the wedding mass that was a priority for starting our lives together.
 more on the ceremony tomorrow, but a bit about the church location today. it was located in what seemed to be the downtown area of playa del carmen. therefore, it was bustling with tourists and locals alike. our families said we had people taking videos of the wedding on their iPads and snapping photos of us from the front doors. when we walked out of the church as husband and wife, we got a huge round of applause from onlookers. it was such a sweet and special moment to have strangers wishing us well and congratulations.
the gorgeous alter with the waves rolling just beyond the windows. 
we hold a very special place in our heart for iglesia del carmen. 
photos by dana damewood.

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