Tuesday, February 4

wedding - the details

many moons [well, like a year] ago, i spent my life obsessing over wedding details. i clocked countless hours on wedding blogs and had lists upon lists of tying-the-knot scenarios cluttering my brain. i wasn't engaged. and i never, ever thought i would get married in mexico.
but once i said yes, those details no longer seemed to matter. i stopped pinning. i stopped the blogs. i just wanted to get married. everything came together perfectly [truly, i wouldn't have changed one thing], and yet it remained fairly simple. the groom was handsome. the surroundings were out of this world. the love was palpable. the weather was perfect. everyone was there and healthy and happy. those are the details we needed. this stuff just happened to be some serious icing on the cake.
 scenes from around the eco [and animal] friendly resort.
 at the beginning of the planning process, i wasn't obsessed with finding the perfect dress. i actually never envisioned myself buying a dress from one of those bridal boutiques [but, ended up loving ready or knot and jocelyn!], it just sort of came to me. there were no tears or saying yes to the dress. it was comfortable, yet contemporary. a bit out of the box and unique, while still feeling classic. it seemed very mexico and very me. 
 i also didn't really want a bouquet, but felt like i needed something to hold for photos and while walking down the aisle. we couldn't carry real flowers on the plane [and i wasn't sure how they would survive two days of mexican humidity], so i ordered this bunch of succulents from etsy.
C and i didn't get new shoes for the occasion. these bad boys were comfortable and did their job well.
 because we were in mexico, i wanted to add a little fiesta to my look. these earrings and bracelet from j.crew were just the right amount of color.
 the back of the dress is what made me fall in love. it provided interest and a dynamic focal point to an otherwise perfectly plain dress. plus is reminded me of a modern version of my grandma's dress [she had long, lace sleeves] i was planning on wearing if we got married in nebraska. 
 C's suit and pocket square are from banana republic, tie is from j.crew.
photos by dana damewood.

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