Monday, February 3

wedding - getting ready

happy february, friends! 
just in time for the month of love, i am so happy to report that the wedding photos [over 1000!] have arrived. i've spent most of the weekend looking at them with tears in my eyes. it is so wonderful to relive the magic of the day. 
before i inundate you with images (about ten posts lined up already!), i have to give a well deserved shout out to our photographer, dana damewood. words could never quite do her and her assistant, jackie, justice. she spent her christmas holiday in mexico with us when she could have been home with her own family. she spent her new year's eve with us when she could have been out with the people she loves. she is kind and cool and a perfectionist and just truly brilliant. behind the lens and beyond. she made everyone feel at ease. she ensured we got everything we wanted and more. she gave life to the day through these images. she gave us the gift of memories. memories that we will cling to on the good and bad days of marriage. memories that will live long after our life together. how could we ever thank her enough for that? 
we appreciate you, dana. thank you.

getting ready for the day.
 the night before the wedding, i stayed in my brother and sister's room so that our first look would truly be our first look. it was an emotional night with four of my favorite people. we drank champagne, laughed, and cried. such a special time. the next morning, C got ready in our room, while i traveled to the other side of the resort to get bride worthy. 
 in anne and dale's gorgeous pool side room. 
my sister and mom spent the morning with me, calming my nerves and making me laugh.
 doranna was the best. she was hilarious and gave me the exact hair that i wanted [even with me sending her ten pictures of completely different updos. oops.] 
 my view. not bad. not bad at all.
 we were just about ready to walk out the door for our first look when anne and dale walked in. there wasn't a dry eye in the room. 
this whole situation was a bit of a divine intervention [the beginning of many of the day]. we were running late. if we would have been on time, we would have missed them, they wouldn't have been able to see our first look and we wouldn't have had this incredibly special moment together.
we all met chris for the first look and the day was set in motion.

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