Monday, March 3

a first birthday

our baby girl turns one today
it's no surprise that we are obsessed with this little creature. chris and i were reflecting on how much we love our janey bea when we realized that she has been the catalyst for such a huge year in our lives. she truly made us feel like a family. she was with us through the late night, next step contemplations. she witnessed all the tears and joy and confusion. but most of all, she brought us so much love. gonna get real sappy, dog-mom up in here: we can't get enough of this girl.
 we celebrated this weekend with a party hat, cake, treats, and toys. 
the grandparents came over to sing happy birthday and watch her blow out the candle. she got to share her cake with her puppy cousins. we hugged her all day and told her how much we love her. 
 thank you for providing unwavering joy, jane beatrix.
here's to many more pupcakes and party hats and kisses.
we love you times a million.

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