Sunday, April 13

life lately

well, hello there. happy spring and april and march madness and opening day and clinic open house and spring break and all of the things that have been going on since march 3. sorry about that. i've gotten some messages of concern [appreciate it] regarding our well-being secondary to the blog drought. all is well. just busy. and sometimes not busy, but wonderfully content. 
i find myself on the interwebs less. i don't have a daily read list anymore. i haven't been on pinterest in nearly five months. sometimes i just have to be present in my own life instead of pinning. and writing. and wishing. and wondering. i'm sure there will again come a time when i have a lot to share [summer!], but right now i am enjoying the quiet without the world wide web. 
 the most beautiful snow one sunday afternoon. but now i'm over it. spring can make its full time arrival.
C and i really enjoyed having nebrasketball tickets this season. it was a wonderfully wild ride. GBR!
 there just can't be a post without jane. 
 the sun shined on basketball in nebraska this winter. proud to be a jaysker!
 we had our grand opening on march 22. i don't think we have worked so hard for something in our lives. there were a lot of late nights and worry and tears. but we [with the invaluable help of our parents!] pulled it off! we had a great grand opening and are so proud to be up and running!
 family bracketology. jane got in on the action this year. she got third out of three, but had the huskies in the championship game! 
had to include this. this was obviously early on, but i ended up winning the whole shebang. as well as our family and clinic competition. #nbd
so if you don't see much activity here, you can assume all is well. summer is rapidly approaching [may 23!] and we have a lot planned for those three months... trips to memphis and kansas city and vermont and california. a to do list a mile long [anyone know how to tile?]. moving forward with the business [i owe you a post on before and afters]. fire pits and lemonade and IPAs and sangria and burgers on the grill and roadtrips and family and all the good things. happy april, friends. take time to enjoy it. xo

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