Tuesday, May 27

memphis according to my iPhone

today is the first day of my summer. and what a glorious day it is. i've been looking forward to these two months since last april. it's gonna be a good one, folks. we have so much planned. clinic and house work. garden harvests. vacations. relaxation. evenings on the patio. and soaking up every little moment of the sweet summertime. 
i checked out of work at about 1:00 on friday. C met me in omaha and by 4:00 we were on the road to memphis. we have been wanting to return to the home of the blues for quite some time and memorial day weekend seemed like the perfect excuse [my iphone captured this trip secondary to a lost camera card. bummer]. 
 roadtrips with my love are the best. read: dance parties, evaluating our vocal range, and just general giddiness. 
 our first stop was las tortugas. the trip sort of revolved around food. we were sure to get our favorite fresh mexican in before returning home.
 next stop: harbor town stompin grounds. we enjoyed a refreshing drink at tugs with that sweet, southern air and the mighty mississip surrounding us. 
 there were several moments of regret and "how could i?" throughout the trip. it's such a great city. with wonderful people. and the most magical job i'll ever have. the sunset symphony on the river was one of those moments. 
 breakfast and great signage.
 we convinced our friends, justin and lauren, to come along with us for the journey. this was their first time in the bluff city, which meant a stop at sun studio was a must. it was my third tour and i still got those dang chills.
 also on the food list: central bbq. 
 justin and lauren are huge cardinal fans, so a night with the red birds seemed necessary. 
 i scored an amazing deal for the peabody hotel. it's just as wonderful as they say. 
we ended our getaway with a night on beale street. 
see you soon, sweet city. i love you to pieces.
now that i have 100% more time on my hands, you'll see more frequent stops on this corner of the internet. thanks for continually checking in. happy summer, y'all!

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