Thursday, May 29


you guys, it's just the best. on day one, i told my dad that i think summers are better as an adult than they were as a child. days move slowly. nights pass quickly. jane and i wander around the house aimlessly - working and napping and generally enjoying life. it's really good around here, folks. 
somewhere around may first, i made a summer schedule. i had to put my plan on paper to get through those last couple of weeks.
hopefully, my days will go a little something like this: wake-up and slowly face the day. followed by watering flowers, picking up the house, folding the laundry, etc. i will put some time in at the clinic, helping C build our business. we will have lunch. i will enjoy the summer sunshine, work on house projects, and take jane on a walk. see what i mean about good? 
here's what i've been up to the first three days.
we scored some huge frames at the pottery barn outlet in memphis for a deep discount. one was black and two were an orangey wood tone. so, i painted them to match and ordered some of our wedding prints for the dining room. i can't stop peeking at them. the scale of the frames in the room feels so right to me and i could look at our wedding images all day.
yesterday i found a simple chest of drawers on craigslist for $25. i ran into omaha to pick it up for some much needed clothes storage in our room. i painted the new dresser and our existing dresser gray. by rearranging the room and adding a piece of furniture, our room feels bigger and more functional.
my obsession with succulents continues.
on day three, i finally hemmed the curtains that have been hanging for nearly seven months. it took thirty minutes. i was kicking myself for waiting so long to do it. but, that's the beauty of summer. you do things you don't have time for. you move slowly. you enjoy every little moment of life and finally have the time to get stuff done. it's real good.

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