Sunday, June 8

the great outdoors

oh the glorious summertime. you're the best. and i'll never tire of saying it.
this summer has been completely different than last. last year we were purchasing the house and business, painting and in a hot, sweaty mess of nerves, primer and five gallon buckets of gray. now we are actually enjoying homeownership. we have taken full advantage of having our very own outdoor space to transform and care for.
in may we made a little raised bed garden in the corner of our yard. i proposed the idea to C which was met with hesitation. however, because he is a dreamy little husband, he started to dig out a space while i was gone one afternoon. after a trip to the hardware store for lumber, we were in business. 
it is about seven by eight feet and filled with tomatoes, peppers, onions and cucumbers. small, but just what we need. C checks it about....oh...a hundred times a day, while i partake in daily watering and weeding. 
[don't mind that our house looks purple. i promise it's the same dark gray as the shed. cameras and lighting confuse me.]
 look at these onions! we grew them! all by ourselves [and the help of my wonderful parents]!
 seven tomatoes on one plant! the excitement never ends!
 we also planted flowers to bring some green to other outdoor spaces. 
one of my favorite memories as a child is planting flowers with my mama every may. it feels so good to be able to share that experience with C and create our own memories at our own home. growing up is sometimes hard. but it's mostly happy, yes?
|| we are scheming a major renovation on the side patio. we are obsessing over it and just want to get started. but time and money rule all. bummer. 
||| not making any promises, but would like to do a little how to on the raised bed. not that it requires any directions, creativity, or real skill. i'm just darn proud that we actually did it. and my love deserves a shout out. so depending on my blog devotion, there may be another outdoor post comin atcha soon. 

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