Monday, June 30

southern travels

what do you do when you live four hours from a city you adore? spend two weekends in a row there with the best people. the past two weekends we have traveled south to kansas city to visit friends and escape with friends. 
 nebraska in missouri
 festival food is the best food
 boulevardia beer festival
 a hit
 so obsessed with this little man
 my memphis crew. oh how i miss them! 
 that little man again. still obsessed. 
 the k.
my love.
the first weekend we met my memphis girls and their hubbies for a relaxing saturday at boulevardia beer festival. we drank, laughed, reminisced. generally missing each other and the jude. 
the second weekend we escaped with our burt county folks. a roadtrip of six to get away from reality and enjoy each other's company. the laughs were many and the hearts were full. 
it's good to have good people in your life. and a city you love a simple drive away.

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