Monday, July 14

the northeast - boston

here's where this piece of the internet turns into our travel journal again. i swear we are doing so many house projects and other things, but those photos never seem to make it to the blog. maybe one day when the lighting is just right and the accessories are all perfectly placed and everything is actually done, i'll get those posted. [lol at myself.]
at the beginning of july, my family took a trip to the northeast. my sister lives in burlington, vermont so we felt like it was a good opportunity to make a week of it. we started with three days in boston over the 4th. hurricane arthur put a little damper on the beginning of the trip, but we marveled at how much we saw and got done in spite of it. 
it felt so surreal to be in the city where it all started on the 4th. 
 C's favorite part of beantown. also, orbs everywhere.
mark's one must see. check!
 we met carl! 
it was so wonderful to put a voice to tori's photos and stories. we just adore you, carl! thanks for surviving the bender family vacation with grace and patience and so much laughter. can't wait until next time!
 i have a serious love affair with the north end.
 we waited for two hours in the pouring rain for this stuff. it was so worth it. whoa.
 a trip to boston isn't complete without a fenway tour and red sox game. upon arriving, my dad was giddy - eight year old boy - happy. it was the best. 
 green monster boys.
 six of my most favorite people in the whole world on the green monster.
 and then a red sox game! can't get enough baseball in our lives.

fenway frank
C and i love this city so much. it holds so many special memories for us as a couple and now as a family. cannot wait until the next visit!

[have no fear, family, there's about 80 more photos of our beantown time if you're needing more.]

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