Tuesday, July 15

the northeast - burlington

on saturday night, we drove to burlington. the vacation could have ended there and it would have been wonderful. the mountain views as we drove northwest were breathtaking. we played roadtrip games and laughed. it was good stuff.
we woke up on sunday morning to the most beautiful day. tori took us to lake champlain for a picnic lunch, bike riding, and more laughing. burlington is somethin else, you guys. it's one of those underrated cities you don't hear much about. but whoa. it's gorgeous. and environmentally friendly. and wonderfully hippie. and just so good. 
carl and tori let us use their bikes for the weekend, so we each took a turn on a path by the lake. this was my view in front.
and this was my view to the left. not bad.
after we all had a turn on the bikes and the down-by-the-bay game had run its course, we ventured over to a public beach for kayaking and SUPing. we spent the next two hours on the water, exploring rock formations and the effects of gravity [chris].
sunday night we caught the sun setting over the lake after dinner on church street. a magical day, indeed.

on monday we drove up the mountains to hike and take in the beauty of vermont. 
gorgeous in july, but can you even imagine the colors in october?
there's my favorite people again.
C was exploring his inner mountain man. he urged us to stop at every river and rocky path we passed. 
and God love him for it. because we found the most beautiful sites like this covered bridge.
and this mountain stream
it's safe to say we all #lovermont. i am so glad my sister seems to be completely enamored as well. return visits will be aplenty...the trees in the fall! the adorable little ski lodges in the winter! and summer...again!

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