Thursday, August 21

a farewell

hello, thirty wonderful people who continue to check in every day. you guys are rockstars. 

i haven't completely forgotten about this piece of the internet, but in ways, i have shed myself of its purpose. i do love it here, but the space has transformed. as we all do. it has turned into a travel diary, a "oh-i-should-probably-blog-about-this" thought, a tick on the to do list that never becomes a priority. i loved it while it lasted, but it's time to say goodbye... if nothing else for thirty people in the world to have fifteen seconds of checking every day back. do something good with those fifteen seconds, will you? 

the past year has made me wonder if blogging of this type is dead. you know, the one that's mostly for yourself and your devoted followers [ahem, thirty bored family members] and doesn't make you any money. it seems like instagram has happily taken the dagger to the casual blog's heart. and i'm okay with it. there's no use hanging on to a dead trend. although, dang, do i wish i still had my overalls and doc martens from middle school. 

i know i'll miss the documenting of our lives, so i'm not totally deleting aisforamor [plus, deletion would be erasing hours upon hours of work and memories. um, no.]. i am going to keep it around for myself to have an archive of travel and news and renovations because the internet is forever. and i suck at scrapbooking. 

there are pieces of me that want to hang on for another year because there's california in september and our first anniversary and basement renovations and maybe one day, a baby johnson. but then i realize that i'm the only one who needs to relive those memories. i'm the only one [and my 49 instagram followers! you're not getting out of johnson family updates just yet!] who cares about life lately and the struggles of laying marble floors and dear god, the day two lines show up on that little stick. 

from memphis to lincoln to oakland. a lot of ups and some downs and the wonderful life in between. apartments and town homes and 109. travel and home and future and present. a hello, a goodbye, a marriage, a dog, a mortgage, a business. it's been a damn good couple of years. and i feel so lucky to have had this space to document it all. thank you for following along on this journey, friends. farewell.


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  1. So sad that this part of my day will be over! But I've thoroughly enjoyed following along!