Monday, September 29

california - the sequoias

for those of you keeping track - no, i am not starting the blog again. yes, i am posting, but just for myself and our family diary. there are a few of you still checking in, which makes me smile so much. 

every year, we try to make a trip to a husker away game with chris's parents. it's a good way to support the big red, but also take a mini getaway each fall. we went to penn state and UCLA and this year, fresno state. i was, of course, especially excited secondary to my love affair with california. that place just really has my heart. 
as it turns out, fresno is extremely lame, so we extended the vacation to the valley, napa, and san francisco. it was the perfect little trio. 
anne's cousin john lives in "the valley" so we met him, his daughter, and son-in-law for a day in the sequoias. it's always so interesting to see another part of our country. our last trip to california blew my mind as i processed the fact that we were in the united states. and it happened again. just within miles, the landscaped changed drastically. 
the morgans took us up the mountain to hospital rock. shame on me - i can't remember the war - but this area was used for aid and medical care. 
we hiked up the mountain a bit to experience the beautiful view. yes, i wore wedges. yes, i looked ridiculous. no, i didn't fall!
hospital rock in the side of the mountain, sheltered from the elements.
native american drawings
kitchen rock - not officially named as so, but area used for grinding acorns and other grains.
after our trip up the mountain, we settled on the most adorable spot for lunch. there was good food, good views, and great company. 
the view from our table!
as we made our way back down the mountain, we stopped at the sweetest little candy shop. i had the most delicious homemade strawberry ice cream and dale got his fill of candy. 
day one was so good. california john is the most adorable man, margie and alan are so generous and hilarious and wonderful. and the sequoias were beautiful. goodness, i love california. 

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