Tuesday, March 29


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do you remember those photos of my living room and bedroom? are the painfully naked windows blinding your memory? yes, yes. my view to the outside is not properly dressed. it has bugged me since day one of living here, but curtains just require a lot of commitment. don't they? drilling holes in walls that i can't claim as my own, finding a pattern that ties in to the rest of the decorating scheme, yada, yada, yada. but, in the end, aren't they the piece that actually does tie a room all together? make it feel more like home? here is the next dilemma: i really want to make them myself. yes, i know that requires a machine and basic sewing knowledge [one of which i actually do have, thank you santa!]. where do i even start? a pattern? some fabric? threading a needle? measuring? i mean, seriously, why didn't i pay more attention to mrs. wingert? i guess that pillow in the shape of lips [made circa 1998] did not translate well to real life situations. dang. if you have any novice seamstress advice, it is welcomed. encouraged. appreciated. desperately needed. please and thank you.

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