Thursday, August 11

spending hiatus: the finale

the path to success
you would think that i could finish my saving spree journey with a good couple of weeks, wouldn't you? but that's just not how i roll. let me tell you about a little thing called tax free weekend. we don’t get these kind of luxuries in ole nebraska, but in tennessee [and pretty much every other state] the governing bodies tempt us with a cut on clothes and school supplies one weekend a year. since i had already done my supply shopping, i splurged on clothes. work clothes nevertheless [oh and a few trendy, out-on-the-town pieces too]. it didn’t end up putting a huge dent in the account, but i’m pretty sure i only saved about twenty-five dollars from the tax gimmick. sigh. not how i wanted to end this whole journey. enter severe and depressing guilt.
culprits: i think it is obvious that i am a sucker for deals. i guess that is okay if i need something and score a cool clearance on it, but if i am just buying for buying sake then that’s a big waste o’ money. how do i overcome this guilty habit? apply the 48-72 hour rule more rigidly. when i followed this guideline, i was less inclined to purchase and subsequently feel guilty for weeks. it must become my new mantra.
lessons learned: money is dangerous. stuff is dangerous. planning is dangerous. spending is dangerous. it all has the power to completely change your outlook, change your mood, change your wellbeing and change your life. no, money can’t buy you love, money can’t buy you class [thank you countess luann], and money surely can’t buy you happiness. but it can buy you danger. and i need to get my act together. it’s not that i’m approaching yellow tape or can hear sirens everywhere i go, but i don’t ever want to get to that place. ever.
eye on the prize: i have splurged on one of the big ticket items since the beginning of this journey. the other [camera] is going to be placed on hold for a while. i just can’t justify the purchase right now and i am okay with that. once i get better at the craft and feeling confident in my memory making selection, i’ll make the leap. just not right now. there are, however, a lot of bigger things that i am going to consider right now. like really big things. buying a house, throwing a huge party [wedding], retirement… you know, life. and it may seem ridiculous that the $11 shirt from the Gap relates to buying a house, but it does. it’s a lifestyle and a commitment. and i’m ready to work toward those big things instead of enjoying the minute-of-pleasure-little-things. i’m ready.

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