Friday, December 9

cookie cutter

images found here.
did you know that this is what i wear when i bake? it is. really. every time i set out for a long evening in the kitchen, i throw on some j.crew cords, a cashmere cardigan, a thirty-two dollar headband and a white apron. 
i cannot even say type that with a straight face. 
try leggings, an oversized tee, hair in a pony and a dishtowel thrown over my shoulder.
but, wouldn't life be a little sweeter if you were this high maintenance and perfectly fabulous? 
tomorrow i will spend nearly one hundred percent of my waking hours slaving over a hot stove oven. and i couldn't be more excited. i have a cookie exchange to attend and group of gals to impress. catch all the dirty deets on monday. and if you need a visual of my weekend wardrobe, stick with the images above. because darn it, i am that fabulous high maintenance.
may your days be filled with cookies and christmas cheer.
happy weekend!


  1. a white apron is probably the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of.

  2. seeeeeriously. but, it is adorable. admit it.
    xo, a