Sunday, December 11

guiding thoughts

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"each step we take strengthens the meaning of hope both for ourselves and for others. when we speak of people we can count on, we are referring to the solid persons who are there when we really them, the individuals with some depth who do not scatter at the first sign of pain or danger. they generate hope by the fact that they are alive and always prepared to share themselves. hope, like many other precious realities, is learned only through experiencing it." [e. kennedy]
as i prepare to take some little [fairly insignificant] steps towards change, i can't help but appreciate those people that got me to this place. the ones that give me hope. the ones that always have the right answers. the ones that remind me to rely on my faith. the ones that are always there. the ones that, by simply being, seem to exude an aura of it's-gonna-be-alright. and in this holiday season, there's no better feeling of comfort than one of those people.
oh and color me flattered. over ten thousand pageviews. you guys rock! thank you. xo

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