Monday, December 12

crazy for cookies

every year one of my colleagues hosts a cookie exchange in her darling midtown home. it's a bunch of gals, having christmas cocktails and crunchin on some cookies. and we just have the best time. 
i could not decide what to bring this year. with all the ideas floating around the internet, one can get overwhelmed and paralyzed with creativity. so after a lot of google searches and pinterest nights, i took a step back. and thought. what is the best cookie i've ever eaten? and within a nanosecond i realized: i had to go back to the classics; the recipes that stood the test of time. here's what happened.
grandma bender's sugar cookies
grandma alexander's oatmeal cookies
all in a row.
packaged and ready to be exchanged.
secret recipes being shared.
hostess gift for mrs. corr. monogrammed cloth napkins. more on that tomorrow.
thank you for a fabulous time.
hostess gift chalkboard wrapping. spotted here first.
and a saturday night treat to test.
never as good as the original, but a classic worth coming back to.

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