Tuesday, December 13

cut. it. out.

four hours of thanksgiving fun, one black friday sale and two amazing parents later, i now own the ultimate gift for perfectionists [everything. must. have. a. label.]. it’s the bombdotcom. and i am beyond thrilled to make its little home in my crafting corner. 
the Cricut is a magical device that cuts letters and numbers in various fonts, shapes, tags, and pretty much anything else you can possibly think of. it can be used for scrap booking, labeling, poster making, gift wrapping, decorating and beyond. you know how annoying it is to trace and cut letters? especially the middle of o's? enter the cricut. push a few buttons and wait. perfectly sized and cut letters will emerge. 
so in order to monogram these cloth napkins, i simply cut out desired letter onto sticky vinyl and the negative space become a stencil for fabric acrylic paint. easy, fast and cheap personalized gift. 
this little beauty also has a setting that will cut out different shapes. among them are various gift tags. circle. square. heart. star. everything. so be prepared to see these oversized tags making an appearance on all my holiday gifts this year. i think it makes a real statement.
overall, i am one hundred percent smitten with this smart set-up. and have a whole new appreciation for joey gladstone
let the cutting, crafting and labeling begin!

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