Wednesday, December 14

naughty or nice

tis the season for giving. and gifting. and guilting. 
last weekend i set out for a successful, cross-off-the-list, jolly good time, christmas shopping extravaganza. i had a game plan. a happy heart. and a giving attitude. 
and yet, i only came home with three little gifts. all for me.
laceless oxfords.
leopard print flats.
and a chair with great lines. 
let's just say this is one ho, ho, ho, happy santa shopper. apparently i've been awfully nice this year. to myself. good grief. it's like the spending hiatus didn't teach me a thing. 
but guess what? all of these beauties cost less than fifteen buck-a-roos. and there's no better gift than saving. right? oh come on. help me justify the selfishness. a little happy-saturday-to-me gift[s] never hurt anyone. only the pocketbook. and he doesn't seem to mind. 

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