Wednesday, March 14


sorry for the absence yesterday.
there's just nothing to report from memphis.
which is kind of a good thing. but makes for a boring blog.
so in case you were wondering.
the mundane life of a.
 i'm still doing insanity. and it still hurts so good.
i've perfected my vegetarian fajita recipe. 
 i have a new appreciation for pleats with this three dollar shirt.
i went to a stache bash. there was dancing. and mustaches. it was fun.
 my sofa sleeper is still out from a weekend of lounging/watching basketball.
yeah, it's wednesday. so what.
i'm loving the light that still streams in at six o'clock. daylight savings - thank you.
i still have that to do list. i'm still contemplating my existence so much that i can't sleep. and i still truly haven't done anything blog worthy in quite some time. 
in case you were wondering.

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