Friday, December 21

snow day

snow days are a gift from the universe.
and this one could not have come at a better time. 
i received word that school was closing early wednesday. as soon as i got the text, my holiday break had officially started.
and C had a white christmas sam adams.
we thought the explanation was perfect for the night.
thursday morning we woke to a winter wonderland.

C got right to work scooping snow.
he caught me watching him from the front stoop.
so i watched him from the bedroom window.
it's so good to have a man in my life.
sadly, C still had to go to work. [ugh]
so i started baking that batter.
and iced the sugar cookies.
i spent the afternoon deep cleaning and working on our new project.
when C finally got home, we enjoyed chili and cinnamon rolls and time together. it was brilliant.
snow day, you may come back to visit very soon. you are always welcome in my world.
as the holiday weekend is upon us, may your world be filled with warmth and joy. 
merry christmas to you and yours. xo

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